Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week of Appointments

This week feels a lot like a week a year ago.  Matthew had/has 2 therapy appointments and 1 GI appointment, I have a dentist appointment and a follow up appointment with my general surgeon, Jackson had to visit the doctor, and Darren has a doctor's visit.   Whew!  Thankfully these weeks are few and far between now. 

Jackson has been fighting something the last 3 weeks.  After hearing him sound progressively like Darth Vader, we took him to the pediatrician yesterday.  He has a sinus infection and tonsillitis.  As Dr. W said "his tonsils are ginormous!".  Hopefully Jackson will kick this soon and his tonsils go back to normal.  I really hope we can avoid the ENT!

Matthew's GI appointment went pretty well.  Dr. L was happy with Matthew's weight gain, since he's holding steady on his own growth curve, but is concerned with the issues Matthew has with solids.  Matthew will eat a few bites of solids (like pasta or beans) and after a handful of bites, will throw it all up.  Dr. L has a few things he wants us to investigate.  First up, Matthew is scheduled for a gastric emptying scan on July 22.  The outcome of that test will determine next steps.  It has been a while since we've had to play detective with Matthew's systems.  We are hoping we can find a quick answer and easy fix!

Although this week feels like a week last year, looking forward, next week looks pretty quiet overall with only 1 therapy appointment and the gastric emptying scan.  Definitely an improvement over last year!

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