Thursday, September 1, 2011

Matthew's Mixed Bag

This week has been a mixed bag for Matthew--

On the plus side:  
--He's taking more liquids.
--He's sleeping less (though that may be because we are really messing with his schedule).
--He had a pretty good 2nd day at daycare.
--He had the best blood draw ever on Monday and his C02 levels in his blood rose from last week to this week.
--His leg seems to be healing some.

On the not so good side:  
--His C02 levels are still lower than the nephrologist would like, so he has to have another blood draw in a month to check again.
--He had a rough first day at daycare.
--He still isn't putting a lot of pressure on his right leg, which is keeping him from standing and cruising.
--He woke up this morning sounding like Darth Vader--he has croup.  We went to the doctor to get a round of steroids, which is called for with Matthew's subglottic stenosis.  Now we pray that we can stay out of the hospital this go around.  

Definitely a mixed bag for baby Matthew this week.  
Matthew was motivated to stand for the Target bag,
which was full of baby food for him!

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