Friday, March 16, 2012

Around the Web

Every so often, I am sent a link to an article about special needs parenting or I stumble upon one reading various blogs.  These are a few of the articles/blog posts that have resonated with me lately.  They say it better than I can.

-7 Things You Didn't Know About A Special Needs Parent  In particular, numbers 2 through 5 sounded very familiar to me. Once in a while I do get jealous, sometimes I do feel alone, often I am scared, and words can hurt. 

-Perhaps You Should Sue God  We know the beauty of the unexpected and unknown.  It is hard and wonderful.  We are constantly reminded that every day with Matthew is a good day!

-Does Intelligence Determine Worth  I've been thinking about how much our society values intelligence, and what that might mean for those with special needs.  We often revere and praise those who are considered 'gifted', but what does that say about those on the other end of the spectrum?  I stumbled upon this blog post in Parent's magazine and I started following her blog that same day.

Though our journey with Matthew seems unique (and a bit isolating as we still don't know about the one other person in the world with Matthew's disorder), our experiences are echoed in many of the experiences of other special needs parents, which is oddly comforting.  Matthew may be 1 of 2 in the world, but he is not alone, and neither are we. 

We are thankful we are navigating Matthew's journey in the age of the internet, which has helped us get knowledgeable about medical information, stay connected with friends and family, and form de facto support groups across thousands of miles.  Technology is cool!

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