Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happiness Is...

We had told Alyssa she couldn't eat one of Darren's caffeine chews (for his marathon), even though it looked like candy because it had caffeine. 
A:  "When can I have caffeine?" 
Me:  "When you run 26 miles."
A:  "How far is that?"
Me: "From here to Granny and Granddads"
A:  "I'd rather just take the truck and not have caffeine."
Me:  "Good call."

Jackson was jumping up and down excited this weekend, excited to invite Darren and I to a pretend Valentine's conference.  No clue what it was supposed to be, but he was really jazzed about it.

Matthew knows where his socks should go.  He lost a sock and was crawling around with only one on his foot this weekend.  Anytime Darren or I would ask him where his sock was, he would stop and grab his socked foot.  Of course, we were looking for the sock he had lost, but he knew he had a sock on his foot. 

Jackson got frustrated this weekend at his imaginary video game.  Funny, and yet speaks volumes.

Hearing Matthew's walker makes my heart sing.  Monday as I was making lunches, I heard that familiar sound and looked around the corner to see Matthew walking around the living room with a big grin. 

And for the biggest news-- on Tuesday during physical therapy, Matthew took his very first unsupported step!  I don't know if I've ever wanted anything as much as I want Matthew to walk.  I want him to be able to run after Alyssa and Jackson, and walk to the park holding my hand, and just walk where ever he wants to go.  He's so close, but it might be a week or it might be a year.  It was only one step, but it is a giant leap for Matthew!  

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