Friday, March 2, 2012

Hand Surgery Update

Matthew's hand surgery was originally scheduled for January 6, and has been postponed 4 times since.  Two issues keep arising-- 1.  Matthew needs to be well for 2 weeks prior to surgery and 2. The anesthesia team at the hospital is leery about Matthew because of his subglottic stenosis (small throat opening).

Issue #1- Matthew just cannot seem to stay well. He was pretty much sick from the end of October through the end of December.  Our pediatrician put him on a month of antibiotics in hopes that Matthew could finally kick the cycle and make it to surgery at the beginning of February.  He was well for 3.5 weeks!  I think it might be a record.  He got sick while he was on antibiotics, just a week before the surgery.  Then Matthew was sick for 3.5 weeks, with a cold that took the rest of our family 3 days to recover from. And finally he recovered.  I excitedly wrote on the calendar last Thursday--"Well!"  And on Monday, the pediatrician agreed-- Matthew was well.  The clock had started!  And then Wednesday, the ENT had to dig pus from his ear.  Not well.  And today Matthew has something yellow coming from his nose, yet again.  Still not well.  Reset the clock to zero.

Issue #2- The anesthesia team is concerned about putting Matthew under anesthesia for the 3 hour procedure because they are not set up for emergency tracheotomy procedures, and they fear Matthew will need one.  I have tried to explain time and time again that Matthew has been under anesthesia 6 times and has struggled with his breathing because the tube that was used was too big. We didn't find out about the subglottic stenosis until the 6th surgery.  Additionally, I have been trying to convince them that Matthew is super baby and will not need an emergency tracheotomy. 

They have asked for ENT sign off, a rescope, and would really like him to be well for 6 weeks before surgery. I thought that was crazy-- first, Matthew hasn't been well for 6 weeks in a row in his 2 years, and to rescope his throat, Matthew needs to be under anesthesia.  Why put him under anesthesia so that he can be put under anesthesia?!?!  Thankfully my ENT agreed with the illogical rescope request, and agreed that Matthew was super baby- he wouldn't need an emergency trach.  The ENT signed off for the surgery, as long as they use a 3.5 tube instead of a 4.0 and provided they give him a dose of steroids after the procedure.  No rescope.  We are awaiting response from the anesthesia team now.

So, before surgery can be scheduled, issue #1 and issue #2 need to be resolved.  We are praying that we can get and keep Matthew well and that we can make the anesthesia team happy-- so Matthew can get a thumb!

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