Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Fun

We have had a terrific spring break.  

First, we had family visit from Chicago.  We love spending time with them!  They brought some much needed rain with them, and we had a nice, relaxing weekend together celebrating Darren's birthday and then the visit was topped off with a night out at the rodeo enjoying Zack Brown Band.  Lots of fun!
Mattie with his Godfather

Reading a story with Aunti C.
Out without the kids
Then the kids and I went with some friends to Galveston to play on the beach for the day.  Besides getting sunburns, it was a fantastic time playing in the sand.
They enjoyed the beach even though they couldn't get in the water, due to a bacteria warning.

They were covered from head to toe in sand.
We all had a great time!
Then, the rest of the week, we just did normal stuff-- played with friends, went to the store, watched some tv, and visited a few parks. Additionally Alyssa and Jackson spent a morning at gymnastics, played some video games, practiced t-ball and softball, and helped Granddad plant some corn.  A good time was had by all!

Fun at the store.
Alyssa helped push the boys on the swings at the park.
Entranced by the television.
Helping Granddad plant corn. 
Alyssa commented on the way home how good the corn is going to taste.
Matthew had a great time at the park.

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