Monday, March 12, 2012

More Baby Steps

Necessity is the mother of invention.  Our PT had voiced that there were a couple of forces working against Matthew walking-- 1 is that he is so very fast when he crawls and 2 is that he is so efficient with the push toy, he is relying on it too much.  We can't do anything about the first, but for the second, we hid his push toy.  We really want him to use his walker, though it is more cumbersome, because it keeps him in a more upright walking posture.  And within a few hours, Matthew had found other alternatives, both of which were more acceptable because he has to be more upright to push them around.

And as we've been working with Matthew in therapy and practice this week, Matthew is up to 3 steps unsupported. He still needs help getting started, and it will likely still be some time before he's able to walk independently, but they are baby steps!  And we celebrate those baby steps!

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  1. Love seeing his happy and SO proud face!! Go Matthew!!