Monday, April 23, 2012

Excited and Exhausted

Last week was a particularly exhausting mommy week. It wasn't bad, or really trying my patience, or unusually stressful, as much as just physically exhausting. 

We are overjoyed that Matthew has entered his next developmental phase.  I had forgotten just how exhausting that phase can be.  He's everywhere, into everything, leaving a wake of destruction in his path.  Please just ignore the 5 shoes from 5 different pairs, the toys, the paper, the remote controls, the books, and anything else Matthew can reach that litter our floor.  It is a waste of time to pick up while he is awake. 

He also is adventuresome with no fear, almost to a fault.  We have to always be on guard for what might happen next. A day last week, as I was coming in from putting Jackson in time out for what felt like the 6th time that day, I found Matthew sitting on the kitchen table, a bit too close to the edge for my comfort.  And at a friend's house this weekend, Matthew head dived (likely not on purpose) from a kitchen chair onto the tiled floor.  Thankfully, Matthew's guardian angels seem to work overtime! 

Matthew is also struggling with his wants and needs and his lack of ability to communicate.  When he gets mad at us, he gets what I affectionately call 'slap happy'.  He slaps at our face like a cat would swipe at a dog.  I know it is just his frustration and this too will pass. Until then, I am trying to teach him to sign the word "mad" so that he'll have something to do with his hands when he is frustrated, but so far he hasn't picked it up.

So, Matthew (in his toddler phase) + Jackson (who is currently struggling with the term "good choices") + Alyssa (who is 6 going on 16) = one tired mommy!  (Not to mention the shedding dog and the persistent sugar ants residing in our kitchen)

I was hoping this week would be a new week, but Darren woke up in serious back pain this morning at 5am, Jackson had 2 time outs before 7:45am, and Matthew unpacked the lunch I packed to take to work and the dog ate my sandwich.  Looks pretty much like last week.  All I could do is smile and laugh. 

Exhausting, but it is a good life!

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