Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nice Weekend

This weekend, both Darren and Jackson have been fighting a cold.  Ironically, Matthew doesn't really seem sick, but again, better to regret not doing the surgery than regret doing it.  Despite the colds, we had a nice weekend.  Jackson had a t-ball game, where he got the game ball.  At 4 years old, they rotate who gets the game ball, but it excited him never the less.  Alyssa had a softball game on Saturday too, which she rocked!  A single, advanced a runner, a double, 2 RBIs and got 2 outs at home plate.  It was a big game for her-- and they won to boot!  We followed it up with an enjoyable dinner out, some Star Wars Wii gaming, and time just relaxing and having fun.  
Our Cardinals
Alyssa lost another tooth, and now is missing 4 in the front.
Matthew enjoyed the ballpark popcorn.

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