Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Grandparents

This past weekend, we helped my almost 91 year old grandparents move into their new place.  They have been transplanted from a retirement community outside of Tulsa, OK to an assisted living facility outside of Conroe, TX, which is closer to my folks and us.  

As I told my grandmother several times this weekend, I know that the move was hard on them.  It is a big change.  They had lived in the same town for about 35 years.  (And getting them moved was not much fun for my folks or my aunt and uncle.)  But selfishly, I'm happy to be living near my grandparents for the first time in my life. I am excited about seeing them more, and for my kids to know their great-grandparents!  

When I told my grandmother this, she surprised me by saying she wished they had made the move earlier, but it was too easy not to make the change until it was obvious they had to.  Inertia is a powerful force.  

It reminded me how thankful I am that Darren and I fought that inertia in 2006 and made the move back to Houston.  It wasn't a required move.  We liked Austin.  Darren had more career opportunities in Austin.  Our lifestyle is more 'Austin' than 'Houston'.  But our families live in Houston. And moving back to Houston was the right thing for our family. 

I love watching Alyssa dig in Granny's garden to find the roly polys.  I love hearing about the water gun fight the kids had with Grandpa at the park. I love seeing Jackson ride the tractor with Granddad.  I love seeing Matthew reach out for Grandma.  I love that the kids get jazzed about going to see their grandparents, and that we can do it on a whim. And I look forward to seeing my own grandparents more, and seeing my kids interact more with their great-grandparents.

Alyssa with her roly poly.
Jackson having a grand time on Granddad's tractor.

Matthew 'playing' golf at Granny's house.

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