Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Switch

Today is the one month anniversary of Matthew walking.  I look at him walking and am still amazed--not only that he is walking but how very well he is walking. He walks more than he crawls.  He's actually pretty steady now, able to stop and stand (and often pet the dog), and then continue onward.  He rarely falls, and more often just sits down when he loses his balance.  He can turn and change directions.  He can multitask and carry something while walking.  Simply amazing.

Again, it makes us question how much we have to do with his development (through practice, therapy, etc) and how much is just a developmental switch that gets flipped within Matthew's brain when the time is right.  As Matthew has 6 therapy appointments a month (occupational therapy, physical therapy, and early speech development), plus the time we spend working on the tips and tricks we learn in therapy, I am really hoping that we at least are laying some ground work that makes it easier for him once the switch gets flipped.  But it really does seem that Matthew is able to do something (and pretty well) only when that developmental switch gets flipped, when the time is just right.  We never know when that time is, but are so very thankful that for walking that the time was now!

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