Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Matthew Expert

After calling the surgery off on Friday and not seeing any major signs from Matthew that he was sick over the weekend, I was starting to doubt my self proclaimed title as "Matthew Expert".  Over the weekend, I continued to think that though I was glad to error on the side of caution, how could I have been so wrong about Matthew brewing yet another ailment.  I thought I was more attuned to him than that. 

Ah...but Monday morning, Matthew woke up hoarse with a runny nose. He was starting to get sick on Friday. It seems to be just another little cold, but definitely not something we wanted him to be fighting when he underwent anesthesia, especially for 3 hours.  

Though I'm not glad he has a cold, I am glad that I still know my sweet baby Matthew, probably better than I know the back of my hand.  I guess I get to keep the title for now.  


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