Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Left the Buidling

The medical walker has left the building!  It served Matthew well for almost 3 months, but he is now an independent toddler.  Yippee!!

It might be ugly and cumbersome, but I loved it.  With the help of that walker, we saw our sweet baby Matthew take his first steps, and from there, he figured out how to take the steps on his own. Lately, about once every other day, Matthew would crawl or walk over to the walker, take it for a little walk and then he would walk away from it.  Definitely time to pass it along, and the walker will be going to another little girl tomorrow. I hope she gets as much use out of it as Matthew did, and her parents love hearing the sound of it around their house like we did.  And most importantly, we hope that she only needs it as a transition to walking independently too. 

One last picture of Mattie with his walker--

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