Monday, August 16, 2010

Bits of News

Bits of today’s news from the Hoy House:
Matthew broke his first tooth!  We had suspected it was in the works given all of his drooling and chewing on his hands but now a little glimmer of white has appeared! 
Matthew’s eating is still dramatically better.  He’s taking about 135% of his pre-surgery volume and his eating time has been cut in half. 
In the last week, Matthew gained back all of the weight he lost after surgery.  He’s up to almost 13.5 pounds.   Pretty hefty for a Hoy baby!
We started Matthew on rice cereal. It is slow going but I’m hopeful that he’ll get the hang of it soon. 
Tomorrow is Matthew’s 3rd ABR (diagnostic hearing test).  We are saying prayers that his hearing improved again (or at least remained the same).  I'll post when we know more.

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