Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fleeting Moments

As I was holding Matthew a few nights ago, watching Alyssa and Jackson play nearby, I was saddened by the realization that I cannot remember Alyssa when she was Jackson’s age or Jackson at Matthew’s age. Which means that I’m probably not going to remember this moment in time either.  Very sad.  I wish my memory was an unlimited flash card…where all these amazing images, words, and feelings would forever be imprinted.   
Darren reminded me that was the original purpose of this blog…to write down those little things that someday we’d miss.   So, please allow me to intermittently add the little events, the non-updates, to our blog.  We’ll continue to update the big things too, but I need a reminder of how good the every day is and a place to look back on it all.
We took the family out to eat last night…to a sit-down restaurant…and it surprisingly went really well.  Alyssa was the big girl, placing her order, and saying please and thank you to the waiter.  Jackson was cracking us up by buttering his bread with a cracker since I took away his knife.  We also laughed when he tried to bring home the ketchup and butter in our doggie bag.  And Matthew was the compliant baby by taking his bottle and promptly falling asleep.  It was a delightful meal.  We came home where Aly and Jax went to sleep without a fight, and Matthew took his bottle (yes, again) and promptly fell asleep (yes, again).  All in all it was a perfect evening for the Hoy House.

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