Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eating Update

“I just don’t get it.”  I’m guessing those words have been uttered in our house upwards of 400 times since Matthew was born… with most likely 90% of them said about his eating.  We had 2 glorious weeks of perfect eating post-surgical recovery.  In the last week plus we’ve gone downhill, sliding back to the pre-surgery days of screaming and refusing to eat.  It is surprising how Matthew’s eating so greatly affects our stress levels and the level of optimism in our house.  It is a noticeable difference. 
I keep saying “something has to be wrong” (usually right after I say “I just don’t get it”), but really I think the wording should be “something is wrong”.  Watching Matthew eat (or not eat), feeling him writhe and hearing him scream tells me something is wrong.  This isn’t just a little irritation.  This is not okay. 
So, tomorrow, first thing in the morning I’ll be putting a call into our GI.  We need to keep digging.  We have to figure this out and fix it.  We need to fix it for Matthew and for us.  We have other pressing matters to take on!  Continued prayers and good wishes are always appreciated!! 

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