Monday, August 2, 2010

Recovery Update- Afternoon 8/2

And we are home!  Let’s review the stats: 
1 malrotated intestine fixed
6 days/nights at TCH
3 small holes for laparoscope and instruments
1 larger incision
9 holes from IV sticks
2 tired but relieved parents
2 siblings happy to have their brother home
1 talented surgeon and countless others on his team
All for 1 sweet baby boy
Matthew still has healing to do, but we are thankful we can do it at home.  As always, thank you for the prayers and well wishes for baby Matthew!


  1. Hey guys...

    Haven't been able to keep up with your posts but have gotten updates from others who read your blog more regularly and think of you all often.

    Just decided to check out your blog and am thrilled that Matthew is going home...oh yeah, and he is bringing his parents with him. :)

    Love and prayers,
    DJK (Deron, Jacob & Kyle)

    P.S. Hugs and kisses to Jackson and Alyssa.

  2. I. Am. So. HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Big Hugs and Kisses to all! :)