Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fantastically Ordinary

So, to catch everyone up…We left messages for the GI (on Monday and Tuesday) but haven’t gotten a call back.  We’ve got an appointment Friday and hopefully the GI will have some wisdom to impart since Matthew’s eating is still not going well. 
On Monday, Matthew had a renal ultrasound in advance of our urology and nephrology appointments this month.  I got a sinking feeling in my stomach when the technician wrote in his notebook and made notes on the screen with 3 question marks.  Then the technician asked me “does he leak out of his belly button?” I haven’t been surprised by a question from a medical professional in a while and this particular one struck me as quite humorous.  “What?!?!  Leak what out of his belly button?”  In utero the bladder is connected to the umbilical cord that comes out the ‘belly button’ and that connection typically disappears before birth.  If it doesn’t, it is called a “urachal anomaly” and urine can leak out of the belly button.  Matthew doesn’t leak but they suspect he might have a urachal anomaly.  We’ll get more details at our urology appointment on Thursday but if he does have this, it doesn’t sound too bad from the brief research we’ve done.
Though, goodness, Matthew can’t seem to catch a break.  We’ve had a string of rough news…the possible craniosynostosis, the new heart murmur, the resurgence of the feeding issues, and now this possible urachal anomaly.  Through all of this, we are rejoicing in the ordinary.  My heart soared today when Matthew grabbed my hair and wouldn’t let go.  How fantastically ordinary! We continue to hope for fewer surprises and more of the ordinary! 

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