Thursday, August 12, 2010

His Own Story

I was looking through old pictures on my computer the other day and found this gem.  
Alyssa 7 months
 After enjoying the memory, I had to look at the date the picture was taken and compare Alyssa’s age/development to Matthew’s.  I did it before I even realized I was doing it.  Just like the doctor, I can’t help but compare Matthew to the typical kid. 
The reason we track development is to see if anything is amiss, and get early intervention.  We know Matthew is unique and we have him tied into every early intervention available.  No need to track.  One of my friends keeps reminding me…Matthew writes his own book, his own story.  He needs to be treated like he’s the only kid in the world.  So, time to throw out the book and stop making the comparisons. Matthew will do his own thing, in his own time.
Matthew 5 months

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