Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cautiously Optimistic

Matthew has been in good spirits since we got home.  He’s been grinning ear to ear… as have we!  We are cautiously optimistic that Matthew’s surgery improved his eating.  He still gets a bit fussy when he eats, but nothing like before and now he takes an entire bottle (3.5 oz) in 10 minutes instead of the 30 minutes it was taking prior to surgery.  This is very good news!  Shorter, less stressful feeds are good for all of us.  Another unintended benefit of surgery is Matthew now shows signs of being hungry, which he never did before surgery.  We had a follow up with our GI on Friday and he’s pleased with the results of the surgery.  We continue to be thankful for Matthew’s skilled surgeon and Matthew’s recovery!
In addition to this good news, we are having a great weekend.  Darren’s Aunt Jeannie is in town visiting as is his brother Bryan.  They, along with Joy and Larry (his folks) helped us reorganize the house today.  Instead of a kids’ sleeping room and a kids’ playroom, we now have the boys’ bedroom, Alyssa’s room and the playroom has moved upstairs.  We still have work to do to organize the rest of the upstairs, but it’s a vast improvement.  Alyssa is very excited about her big girl bed and room.  Now that the main move is done, we look forward to relaxing and visiting with the family for the remainder of the weekend. 
This next week looks to be a slow week for Matthew.  He’s got the usual OT appointment and an appointment with the speech therapist that he adores but no other appointments.  We’ll take the time to work on his OT exercises, as he’s had a little backslide with his strength due to the surgery.  I’m sure he’ll overcome it in no time.   
We are so grateful for our fabulous friends and family who have been so supportive during Matthew’s recovery.  Thank you!

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