Thursday, January 26, 2012

Car Show 2012

We go to the Houston car show every year, and it is a nice time to reflect back how much our lives have changed over the years.

Year 1- Darren and I had just started dating. He went to the car show with friends and took pictures of the highlights to show me later as I was staffed in Brazil.
Year 2- We were dating and were looking at the fun, dream cars--the Mini Coopers, the BMWs, etc.
Year 3- We had just gotten married, and came in from Austin for the show.  We were in the market for a 'family' vehicle as we knew we wanted to start a family soon. The 2 top picks- the Honda Odessey and the Ford Expedition. The Expedition is still in our driveway.
Year 4- We brought baby Alyssa (6 weeks old).  It was our first trip to Houston with the baby, and she slept in her stroller the majority of the day.
Year 5- We brought toddler Alyssa, and I was pregnant with Jackson.  We were living in Houston again.
Year 6- We brought 2 year old Alyssa in the stroller, and 6 month old Jackson in the sling.
Year 7- We brought 3 year old Alyssa and toddler Jackson in the big double stroller.
Year 8- Darren and I went sans kids, well, except baby Matthew in my belly. We went armed with our tape measure, looking for a car with good gas milage that could fit 3 car seats in the back seat. The competitors- the Ford Escape Hybrid, the Toyota Prius, and the Ford Fusion Hybrid.  We bought the Fusion less than 12 hours before Matthew was born.
Year 9- Darren and I went with just baby Matthew. 
Year 10- All 5 of us went this year.  The kids had a great time getting in the vehicles and playing around.  Darren and I looked at what may be the Expedition replacement when that time comes, as well as a few fun (not for the next 20 years) cars as well.

Matthew liked to 'drive'

Alyssa and Jackson buckled up.

The car show was just an amped up version of the kids playing in the garage.  They love playing in the '66 Mustang.

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