Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ECI 2 Year

Today was Matthew's 2 year developmental evaluation for early childhood intervention services.  Not a surprise, Matthew is delayed.  But with his recent developmental explosion, he's not as delayed as he would have been just a month ago.  

All told, Matthew is about 8 months behind.  That's a 35% delay, which is good compared to the 50% (6 months) he was behind at 1 year.  He's actually made great strides in language.  For receptive language (what he understands), he's on level-- appropriate for his chronological age!  He understands everything an almost 2 year old would understand.  

But his expressive language (what he says) is still greatly lagging (35% delayed- even with the onslaught of new sounds and signs of late), as are his gross and fine motor skills (52% and 48% delayed). His social and cognitive skills are just slightly delayed (22% delayed).  Overall, nothing too surprising to us.

The good news is both his therapists guessed that in this year, Matthew may be able to make up ground, and then may potentially not even qualify for PPCD (preschool program for children with disabilities) when he's 3 years old.  I'm thankful that programs like PPCD exist, and Matthew will utilize it if he needs it, but I am excited about the idea that maybe, just maybe, he won't need it!  I can dream about a year from now, when Matthew can walk independently, and talk... and maybe be mainstreamed into a preschool program! 

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