Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Thoughts

-I am in such awe of Matthew and his latest development explosion.  He's added sounds (g, d, e were added to his m, a, b) and signs (food) on top of his latest accomplishments of eating (no more baby food), drinking (no more bottles) and moving (stairs-up and down, and walking on the walker).  He's been busy these past few weeks.

-Alyssa was completely jazzed that it was raining this morning because she (and Jackson) had bought Star Wars umbrellas with their Xmas money.  She and I had a nice walk up to school this morning in the rain, as she twirled her umbrella and jumped in the puddles.  This afternoon's walk to/from school in the rain wasn't near as enjoyable with Matthew and Jackson.  Matthew was not pleased with the rain cover over his stroller, and Jackson was just slow.  I thought I saw an inch worm pass us on the sidewalk.  But we made it home, and are no worse for it.

-The meds seem to be working on Mattie.  He seems healthy!  Now if we can keep him so for the next 3.5 weeks, in time for hand surgery.

-I'm so thankful for right now--for today.  I haven't always done a good job of staying in the moment and being thankful for it.  I like to look ahead, and to plan.  But our journey with Matthew has given me a new perspective.  I'm so thankful for our health, for the continued development of the kids, and for our time together. Thank you, God, for today!

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