Sunday, January 15, 2012

Houston Half

This morning Darren ran the Houston half marathon with one of our friends, Ryan.  Darren has been prepping for the race for about 6 months, and has amazed me by how easy he makes it look. (I am well aware that it isn't easy!)

In lieu of fighting the crowds, parking, and dealing with the 3 kids in the early hours downtown, I enjoyed keeping up with their progress today on the marathon website, receiving text messages with updates, and watching the television coverage to see if I could glimpse them, all from the warmth of our house.  I think I actually saw Darren in the midst of the 20k other runners on tv.  Thankfully his running group shirt is very easy to see! 

Congratulations to my beloved, on your 2nd 1/2 marathon! and Ryan on his first!  Great finish, at 1:57:47!!

Turning the final corner. 
Can't miss Darren in the bright yellow "Cypress Running Club" shirt.

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