Wednesday, January 25, 2012

T-2 Weeks Until a Thumb

Matthew's hand surgery is scheduled for 2 weeks from today.  Matthew has been well for 3 weeks, and he needs to stay well for the next 2+ weeks. I can't remember a time in recent memory when Matthew was well for 5 weeks in a row, but I'm hoping and praying this will be the first!  Matthew has always seemed more susceptible to illness, and is considered 'medically fragile' by his pediatrician.  This surgery isn't urgent, and we'll postpone if we need to, but I'd really like to get his hands done and get him out of casts before the middle of the summer.  100 degree heat + a cast from hand to shoulder = no pool and probable stink.

I've always been borderline germaphobe--even Matthew reaches for the antibacterial gel at the doctors' offices and knows to rub his hands together after applying.  But I'm taking it to a new level in these 2 weeks.  Antibacterial gel in every car, the diaper bag, Darren's office, my pocket. The kids can't come or go without a squirt (or a hand wash).  No illnesses are welcome at the Hoy House!  Our sweet baby Matthew is ready for his thumb in 2 weeks!

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  1. I am so excited about this for both of you. Please please please let me know if you need anything.