Thursday, January 12, 2012


-Took a semester, but Alyssa has finally clued in that I wait across the street and watch her go into school in the mornings.  The upside-she is very cute as she turns around, waves or blows me kisses as she walks up to the school. The downside- it takes her longer to get into the school, which this morning meant I was waiting longer out in the cold.  

-We may not have figured out why Matthew grinds his teeth, but we have finally identified a pattern.  He grinds his teeth when he's tired.  A gigantic tell to let us know it is nap time!

-Hand surgery was pushed back a few days due to the surgeon's schedule.  New date= Feb 8.  Praying we can keep Matthew well those extra days!

-Jackson has started riding his balance bike, but he's not quite ready to lose his training wheels when there are pedals on the bike.
Jax on his balance bike
-My spring semester starts next week.  I got my evaluation from last semester and was pleasantly surprised by the nice feedback from my students.  I hope to build upon it to make this semester even better for my 2 classes!

-Mattie's continuing his huge developmental jump- he's added another sign (eat), is being very vocal and responsive (shaking head no if he doesn't want to do something), is mimicking use of the telephone and hairbrush, and is walking and turning his push toys.  He also hasn't eaten a jar of baby food since moving to 'real' food.  He eats almost anything and everything we put in front of him.  So many reasons to celebrate!  

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