Tuesday, January 3, 2012

End of Break

Darren and I agree--this has been the best Christmas break ever.  We had so much fun in the 2 weeks we were all off work/school!

-visited with family & friends
-went to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie
-enjoyed the Houston Children's Museum
-celebrated our family birthday at the Downtown Aquarium
-played wii
-went to the neighborhood park
-watched at least a dozen Christmas shows
-went to see the new Muppet movie
-rode bikes
-ate lots of yummy food
-shopped at our favorite used bookstore-- twice
-played at the gymnastics place
-just enjoyed our time together.

Darren went back to work today and the kids return to school tomorrow.  Back to routine!  We were sad the 2 weeks had to come to an end but we look forward to the next break together!

Jackson created his own Angry Birds unplugged game
with the stuffed birds they got for Xmas.
Aly and Jax hanging with Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

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