Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Matthew's Development

In a few weeks, Matthew's development will be assessed at his yearly evaluation for early intervention services.  I'm trying to prepare myself for the results, and I pray for the best.  But I know that Matthew continues to fall further behind, even with all of the amazing progress he's made.  I revel in the progress Matthew continues to make and I want to celebrate that before the evaluation!

I see how much Matthew wants to walk and talk, how much he wants to keep up with Alyssa and Jackson, and how much he wants to be a part of the conversation.  I hate that he has to struggle so much, but I'm proud of my strong little man as he perseveres.  Lately he's begun to (what can be best described as) grunt.  He has desires and he's now gesturing and grunting in attempts to communicate those wants and needs.  We are trying to bridge the gap with sign language and he's picked up a few more signs, and now can sign for "more", "all done", "dog", "cat", "dad", and "cow".  He's begun to say "mamamamama", and maybe I really want it to be so I'm interpreting it that way, but I think he's actually saying it at me. 

And Matthew is on the move.  He is a fast crawler, can climb the stairs, and as of yesterday, can even make his way down the stairs too.  He loves to stand (supported) and cruises on the couch, the end table, and even the wall if he wants to.  He rides on his ride on toys.  And the new big thing-- Matthew is using a walker.  His wonderful PT brought it over yesterday and Matthew was not having any part of it.  This morning though, Matthew took it for a walk around the living room, only needing assistance around the corners.  I cried with joy watching him walk independently, albeit with mechanical assistance.

Matthew may be almost 2 and doesn't yet walk (unassisted) or talk (much), but he is on his way! 
Matthew walking with his walker.

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