Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Plans

I plan and God laughs.  I think of that adage a lot.  I plan...a lot.  And this is what I have found out from my years and years of planning. 

-My plans aren't always God's plans.  
-God's plans always win.  
-God rarely lets me in on the plan.  

I love it when I finally see the light--the wisdom of God's plan, that plan that I had no idea even existed, and that plan I might have even worked against.  Yesterday I was taken aback twice by the beauty of God's plans. 

As I was walking the kids home from school, I was so thankful for the opportunity to do so.  Taking Alyssa to/from school is always a highlight of my day.   I then remembered the amazing journey (not in my plans) that transpired to allow me to take the kids to/from school.  Matthew's uniquenesses, his health issues, having to leave Accenture, the voluntary severance plan, my teaching...not all according to my plan, but to God's. There is great beauty in the plan, even if I can't always see it.

Also yesterday, I watched as Matthew played with the dog and was again thankful for God's plan.  We have 2 dogs-- Leia is a 12+ year old black lab mix, and Padme is a 4 year old yellow lab mix.  Leia has been my puppy since she was 6 weeks old (thank you Houston SPCA), and she's an easy dog to have, even with her slight neuroses.  Padme joined our family a year after Jackson was born. She was a stray in the neighborhood and her cute face called out to us.  But she has been a thorn in my side since that summer in '08.  She's high energy and needy. (Not in my plan!)  With first 2, then 3 small kids, Padme and Leia were low on the totem pole.  Leia was fine with that position, but Padme has continued to be high maintenance.
Lately though, Padme has endeared herself to me by being the best dog--for Matthew.  He LOVES dogs.  His first sign was dog.  He wants to pet, kiss and crawl all over them. Leia wants nothing to do with the kids, and usually just walks away when the kids get near.  But Padme is excited to get the attention.  She allows Matthew to climb on her and is so sweet and gentle to him.  Padme might not have been the best dog for me, but she is the best dog for Matthew.  Again, not exactly my plan, but it was a perfect plan.  And for that, I'm very thankful!
 2 of Matthew's favorite things (the ball and the dog) combine for the best game ever!
 They would play until they dropped.

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