Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cannot Envision

As we are coming upon Matthew's 2nd birthday, I've been thinking about how much we've learned in the past 2 years.  Goodness, the learning curve has been great, and the journey a bit rocky, but it's been amazing.  I think back to about 2 years ago and marvel at my naivety.  Oh, the things I didn't know! 

When I think about what we have learned since Matthew's birth, I wonder what the future holds for us, for Matthew.  When Matthew was a few months old, I couldn't imagine what he would be like in a few short months. I used to sit in the waiting room at OT, wondering if Matthew would look or act like the other children in the waiting room.  Then when he was a year, I could imagine a few months at a time, but couldn't imagine what he would be like when he was 2 years old.  And now that he's almost 2, I can say that I can imagine Matthew at 3 years old.  I can imagine a year from now!  I imagine he'll be walking, and talking, and maybe going to PPCD.  

But I can't imagine him at 4 years old, not yet anyway.  I was sitting at Jackson's tball practice this weekend and I wondered if Matthew would ever be able to play sports, run like the other kids, or throw a baseball. I just can't imagine Matthew at Jackson's age, either chronological or developmental.  I need more data points (to see Matthew continue to grow and develop) to imagine further and further in his future, our future.  

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