Friday, February 17, 2012


2 years and almost 9 months ago, we were driving home from Disney World (this trip) when Darren and I decided it was time to add "Tres" to our family.  We had just spent a week with 6 adults, two 8 year olds, two 5 year olds, our 3 and a half year old and our almost 2 year old.  After trying to accommodate wants and needs of the wide range of ages (e.g. the older kids wanted to ride the rides, while the younger kids wanted to see the shows and meet the characters), we decided that instead of waiting the year we had originally planned to add to our family, we wanted our kids closer in age. That way every day wouldn't be our Disney World.  In an ironic twist, we got pregnant with Matthew, who with his 4q chromosome duplication is developmentally delayed, and now we are having to accommodate the wants and needs of the ages we would have had if we had stuck with our original plan.  Oh, the irony.  Again, I plan and God laughs. 
Every day is our Disney World. It's crazy and wonderful!

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