Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Red Letter Day

Matthew had a red letter Friday.  He added some new tricks to his bag.  When he and I were leaving his nanny (Paula) to go get Jackson at school, Matthew waved (as typical) and then said (very clearly) "bye".  Both Paula and I stopped in our tracks and looked to the other to make sure we weren't imagining things.  If it was a coincidence, it was an amazing one.  Hopefully he'll do it again soon so we'll know it wasn't.  Then that afternoon, Matthew started making the "guh" sound.  Another new sound! So now he has "b", "m", "d", and "g" for consonants, and "a", "u" and "i" for vowels. And to round out his red letter day, he stood unsupported for 3 seconds.  This is a vast improvement to the microseconds he was standing on his own up until now.  Matthew is getting stronger and more vocal by the day!  What an amazing blessing!

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  1. Love reading all about Matthew and his development. He is such a special and very loved little boy!