Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Normal Life

Right now is the most 'normal' our lives have been since Matthew's birth.  We relish the 'normal', the every day, which isn't all rainbows and sunshine, but is beautiful just the same.  

What's going on here at the Hoy House these days:
-Alyssa started softball practices and Jackson started t-ball practices.  Yesterday was our first little taste of how hectic life is going to be when all the kids are in activities.  Alyssa went to Girl Scouts, and then straight to softball.  Darren dropped Alyssa at home after softball, and picked up Jackson for t-ball.  Whew!
-Since Darren is a huge Cubs fan and I'm a huge Astros fan--both Alyssa and Jackson's team names are... the Cardinals (of course).  Darren and I have decided not to buy the team shirts and just wear red when we root for our little red birds.
-Matthew has said the word "bye" a few more times.  It wasn't just a fluke!
-Jackson has been struggling to manage his emotions of late. I feel like this is an ongoing battle we have.  For a while he gets better (less easily frustrated) and then he looses it again.  This week is looking better than last week, so I hope that he is moving into a new phase.
-I've come to term with losing my 2nd class this semester (and now working just to pay the nanny).  This semester is going really well.  And I've had a good time with the boys during that extra hour and enjoy picking Jackson up from school on time.
-Softening the blow too, I just was offered classes for the Fall, and it appears to be feast or famine.  I was offered 3 courses.  2 sections of Intro and 1 section of Marriage and Family, like I taught in the Fall, but this time all on the same days, back to back.  Although it means more grading, and being a bit hurried on Mondays and Wednesdays to get Alyssa and Jackson from school, I'm thrilled and looking forward to it.  I love what I do!
-Darren has apparently lost his mind and decided to run a full marathon (26.2 miles) in early March.  He's running like Forrest Gump through the month of February to train.
-We are making plans for Matthew's upcoming birthday and his hand surgery.  Praying he can get and stay well for both!
Alyssa's first day of softball

Matthew pushes this toy all around, every day

Jackson's favorite toys lately have been his Legos. Unfortunately they also cause his frustration too.
My Hoy boys riding the scooter.  This must be good for Darren's training! And even if it isn't, look at the smiles on those faces!

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