Monday, February 20, 2012

Super Baby

The anesthesiologists at the hospital where Matthew is scheduled for his hand surgery have some major concerns about Matthew.  With his throat anomalies and his bad reaction to anesthesia at his heart cath, they believe that Matthew is a high risk case.  After hearing this, I pointed them to his ENT and the notes from his previous trips to the OR in hopes to allay their fears.  

What I wanted to explain to them is that Matthew is Super Baby.  He does have a small airway, and has struggled with croup (after falling off the bed and breaking his nose), but he won't need a tracheotomy because he will fight through everything to get air. I witnessed it last April.  He does metabolize anesthesia slowly, but he always comes out of it.  I've witnessed it 6 times, after each surgery.  He's had a heart that was failing, but he is healed.  His skull was cut from side to side, and almost bled out, but he came home 3 days later.  His intestines were twisted, and he didn't drink for 5 days, but he is healed.  

I may be overly optimistic about Matthew and his ability to overcome all obstacles, but he hasn't given me any reason not to be. And I pray that is the way it will always be.  Matthew is Super Baby, taking on the scariest of scary things, and coming out the other side victorious and stronger.

Super Baby - Halloween 2010

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