Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mundane -> Wonderful

I have always viewed drying my hair as a mundane task.  That is until Matthew made it one of my favorite tasks, something I look forward to every day.  As soon as he hears my hair dryer kick on, Matthew crawls into the bathroom. He first comes to get my hairbrush, so that he can brush his hair.  As he brushes his hair, he waits with anticipation for me to shoot the warm air on his face.  As soon as I point the dryer in his direction, he jerks in surprise for a moment, and then he breaks out in the cutest Matthew grin.  After we do this for a few minutes, he'll crawl over to me saying 'ma-ma-ma-ma' and pull up to standing so we are face to face (while I'm sitting on the floor) and he moves in with his mouth wide open for a big slobbery kiss.  I love it!
A snippet of our hair drying routine.

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