Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank you!

The care and support we have received in the 731 days of Matthew's journey thus far has been an amazing testament to God's provisions in our darkest moments.  

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to--
-Our friends and family- without your love, support, and help this journey would have been infinitely harder.
-Our pediatrician- who has cared for Matthew with compassion and sees Matthew for the unique being he is.   If it weren't for his diligence and care, Matthew likely wouldn't have lived to see his first, much less his 2nd birthday.
-Our team of specialists- we are so thankful for the really smart doctors in the world, and are so thankful that our son is seen by an amazing team of them.
-Matthew's team of therapists- with us, who are always working to help him get to the next stage.
-The office staff at our doctors' offices- we are thankful they have worked us in when the schedules were booked, for the warm smiles for Matthew and all of us, and for the joy they have shown for Matthew's progress.
-TCH- we are so thankful that we live in a city with a first class children's hospital. 
-Night Nurse Nicole- without whom I wonder if Matthew would have been fitted for a permanent feeding tube.  She was heaven sent, at just the right time.
-Brooke Martin Photography- for capturing our family of 5, as we are, but always making us look better than we do. 
-Hoy House Blog Followers-- we've had 45,825 views of this blog-- thank you to everyone who has followed Matthew's journey and has thought and prayed for him and for us!

Mere words are not enough...but, thank you!!
Thank you!

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