Sunday, November 13, 2011

Broke the Seal

For the last almost 6 years, we have avoided Chuck E Cheese with our kids.  We have received at least an invite or 2 a year, and up to this point, we had ignored it completely...until Saturday.  A family friend was having her 5th birthday at CEC, and we wanted to celebrate with her and figured now was as good of time as any to break the seal.  As I remembered, the pizza was a little on the cardboard side and the big rat is a little on the scary side, but what I had totally forgotten is how very much kids love that place.  They rode on a virutal roller coaster, played air hockey, enjoyed the age appropriate video games, and were joyous turning in their tickets for little plastic stuff, all in addition to pizza and cake with the birthday girl.  Even Matthew had a grand time.  It was great to experience it through their eyes.  I'd even go back!

Jackson and Matthew on the virtual roller coaster.

Alyssa is not ready to drive!

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