Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ENT Last 2011 Hurrah

Today we had an ENT visit.  As the 4 of us waited for an hour to see the doctor, I was so very thankful for the fact that we see fewer doctors these days!  Though, it was nice to see all the office staff at the Health Center.  For a while we were seeing them almost daily and I think its been at least since the summer since we were there.  They are so sweet to us, and they love on Matthew.  

Anyway, the ENT visit today was to check on the warts in Alyssa's nose. They are back, and they need to be removed.  So, Alyssa will undergo the 6th Hoy House ENT procedure this year on November 29.  The 6-- (1) Matthew tubes, (2) Matthew nasal fracture repair/hospital stay for extended croup, (3) Matthew throat scope, (4) Alyssa nose warts, (5) Jackson tonsils and now (6) Alyssa nose warts again.  I am only half joking when I say that we are helping the ENT buy a new car this year. 

We hit our family out of pocket maximum this year in July (thanks to my appendicitis), so if it needs to be done, our thinking is that it should be done now, rather than waiting for the new year and a new deductible...hence scheduling it the week after Thanksgiving.   While we were there, the doctor looked in Matthew's ears to check on the tubes.  The tubes are perfectly in place, but Mattie has an active infection in his right ear again (or still).  Much to Matthew's dislike, the ENT suctioned some very nasty stuff his ear and gave us the antibiotic drops which will hopefully clear it up!  All in all, productive afternoon at the ENT.

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