Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Trip

Every year we journey up to Chicago for what has become my favorite holiday-- Thanksgiving.  Fun, warm, and loving family, playing cards/dice, the turkey bowl football game, good food, even better conversation, good wine, and the cookie bake make it hard to top. No matter how much time we are there, it never feels like enough.  That is the sign of a good trip!  As we sadly drove away, I wished that Chicago was at least 500 miles closer to Houston so that we could go more often!

Alyssa's favorite day is cookie bake.
Beyond the fun, I suspect it might be because Auntie C lets her lick the beater!
Aly, Jax and their cousin Jon enjoyed watching Christmas movies.
Mattie had fun playing with the cookie cutters.
Jackson and Aunt Susie enjoyed playing LCR. 
Jackson won and the money burned a hole in his pocket until we went to the store earlier today.
A week of fun--we were all worn out by the end but can't wait until the next time!

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