Sunday, November 20, 2011

Matthew's Progress

Matthew is continuing to fall further behind in his development in comparison to typical kids.  His development will be re-evaluated when he turns 2, but if I had to guess, overall he's now about 9 months delayed. Though (like when he was a year), he seems to be less delayed cognitively and most delayed in language. What continues to encourage us is the fact that he continues to develop at a steady pace, albeit a bit slowly.  

A few things he's done recently that have caused us to cheer: (The first two probably don't sound like good things, but they are positive signs of developmental progress.)
-Matthew gets upset when he is told 'no', complete with a cry out and huff and puff.  
-He doesn't like to take turns.  If we are playing ball and I roll it to someone else, he'll get mad and try to get it.
-He is immitating a lot more.  Yesterday he took my ear bud and put it to his ear.  
-He's often following simple instructions.
-He's shaking his head 'yes'.  When he's eating, if I ask him "is that yummy?" he'll nod. 
-He's engaging in a lot more back and forth verbal play, mimicking conversation. 
-He is traditionally crawling-- fast.
-He is really enjoying playing with toys and balls. 
-He's continuing to cruise on the couch (or coffee table, etc).
-He will take steps forward if you hold his hands.
-He's eating more and more table foods (though still taking baby food too).

I am so thankful for my sweet baby Matthew, for his sweet disposition, for the joy he finds in little things, and for his forward progress.

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  1. This is so awesome. He is progressing so well because he has such wonderful parents and siblings to help him along the way.