Friday, November 4, 2011

Silver Lining

It is finally cool enough here in Cypress to wear long least for a few days.  Matthew is NOT a fan of long sleeves.  As soon as you put them on him, he tugs at the sleeves and bites at them.  Pretty funny.

As we are putting long sleeves on Matthew, we have uncovered a silver lining to not having thumbs.  It is much easier to put a shirt on Matthew!  No thumbs getting caught on his sleeves. 

Matthew being born without thumbs was a huge shock, and the scariest thing we had encountered up to that date of Matthew's birth.  Now, we know there are much scarier things out there, and we have encountered many scarier things with Matthew since that sunny afternoon on February 27, 2010. 

Him not having thumbs isn't even among the top 5 scary things in my book anymore. It is part of who Matthew is and he does amazing with his 4 fingered hands.  He can palm a little ball. He picks up food and puts it in his mouth. He manipulates objects with his fingers.  He gives us high 4s. He uses his index finger like a thumb.  I look forward to the day we move his index finger to a thumb position (pollicization), just so it will make it easier for him to do what he's already doing!

I am still awed by those sweet little hands, those unique and perfect little hands that propelled us into this journey.  I love them...and him...more than I could ever convey.

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