Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Making Me Smile

What is making me smile--

Watching Alyssa go into school. I don't think she has any idea that I sit there across the street and watch her go through the front doors of the school in the morning.  She never looks back. 

Matthew's ear to ear grin when I buckle him into his car seat. We turned the car seat around so he faces forward and you'd think I had just given him a million dollars.

Listening to Matthew babble while I'm driving to pick up Jackson at preschool.  I LOVE hearing the ba-ba-ah-ba from the backseat!

Seeing Jackson running down the hallway at preschool to come meet me.  He always has a big grin on his face.

The fact that Alyssa and Jackson had as much fun giving out treats on Halloween as going door to door trick or treating.

Marveling in the difference the new school has made in Jackson. At drop off, he used to hang onto our leg tentative to let us go, now he gets out in car line without a second thought.

Seeing Matthew do the sign for dog.  He's communicating!

My one semi- frowny face--

Matthew had a raging ear infection last week, where he was bleeding from his ear.  After 5 days of ear drops, eye drops and oral meds, I think it is improving and his ear no longer stinks (reminiscent of his helmet days).  

Matthew is so happy to be facing forward.

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