Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rainy Day

Life isn't always rainbows and sunshine. Today was a rainy day, both literally and figuratively. 

Our house hasn't adjusted to the time change well.  Matthew is coming down with a cold and is all out of sorts.  Alyssa and Jackson have been bickering what seems non-stop.  I had a student blame me for their cheating.  Matthew's CO2 levels were low at his horrible blood draw last week, so we will have to do yet another blood draw.  We are missing our friend and cousin, Jenn, who passed 2 years ago today after losing her battle with ovarian cancer. 

I was being sad as I started dinner and then realized how very blessed we are.  We all will adjust to the time change.  Matthew is fighting a common cold...a very typical illness that will likely not land him in the hospital.  That is good!  Alyssa and Jackson, although bickering a lot, are also being very affectionate to one another.  They call the other 'best friend'.  I have 1 difficult student...out of 90.  Good ratio!  Matthew's low CO2 level may be a result of lab error, which although annoying, is just that.  And we will forever miss our cousin and friend, but are forever thankful that she was a bright light in our lives.  And Jenn connected us forever to some of the most amazing people in our lives.  We are so very blessed! 

So every day isn't sunny, but you need at least a few drops of rain to get a rainbow!

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