Monday, November 7, 2011

More Happiness

This last week and weekend was full of goodness...albeit mixed in with the usual dose of crazy town (population 5).

-Alyssa has her first loose tooth. She's beyond excited.

-Matthew's receptive language is really improving. I can give him simple instructions...and he follows them.  "Take this object to that person"...and he does it!  Very exciting stuff!

-Jackson has been ultra-loving of late.  Random hugs, 'I love you'-s, pats on the back, etc.  He's always been a very affectionate kid, but now is even more so. 

-We have been so pleased with our new child care arrangements!  Matthew and Jackson both seem to be getting what they need, and to top it off, calculating the costs, we saved a few dollars to boot!  

-Matthew has been partaking in verbal play (back and forth, mimicking sounds) and activity imitation (if I'm holding the phone to my ear and then hand it to him, he'll put it up to his ear).  Big stuff!

-Darren's job is going well.  It always makes for a happier home when what you do 1/2 of your awake time (or more) is going well!

-Only 4 more weeks plus finals left for this semester.  Like many things, while in the midst of the semester, time seemed to be crawling but now looking back, I can't believe how fast it has gone.  I do love teaching!

-I got a call from Dr. T's office today, asking if I would talk to a mom concerned about her daughter's upcoming craniosynostosis surgery. I'm excited to be able to share our experience, to hopefully ease a little of the anxiety I remember all too well.  I love the fact that Matthew is a success story!

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  1. Katie you are a blessing too so many people. Share you love and your experiences with the world. You really should take your blogs and combine them in someway and make them into a book and try to get it published there are many many parents/people that will benefit from The Hoy Famiy's store