Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not Fun

Jumping into the week after getting home on Sunday late afternoon after a 19 hour car ride was bound to be rough.  And it has been. 

What I had thought to be allergies from my exposure to a cat over the holiday is now thought to be a cold. Not fun! Matthew threw up several times yesterday, which I attributed to drinking bad milk. But after he threw up again (twice) today and left something very nasty in his diaper, I'm guessing he has a stomach bug. Also not fun! And Jackson's been complaining of not feeling well (general yuck) since I got back from class this morning. Again, not fun!  Hopefully the lazy day watching movies and napping will mend us all.

The bright point of today is that Alyssa had the warts surgically removed from her nose this morning at TCH. Though not fun, (1) the warts are gone and (2) she seems to have no ill effects from either the surgery or the anesthesia.  Thank goodness! 

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