Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Smiles

A few of the moments that are making me smile these days:

-Watching the kids dance to the Phineas and Ferb theme song.  
-Reading "Goodnight Moon" to Matthew.
-Seeing Jackson in his school uniform.
-Hearing Alyssa have a tea party with her stuffed animals.
-Seeing Matthew dressed up in my triathlon gear.
-Watching Alyssa make faces for the iTouch camera.
-Seeing Jackson happily play with his Legos.
-Reading Skippy Jonjones books with Alyssa and Jackson.
-Seeing Matthew sign 'baby'.
-Listening to Jackson describe his day at school.
-Figuring out that Matthew was signing 'cow' to tell me that there was a cow on top of the dairy case at the grocery store.

Matthew reading 'Goodnight Moon'
Jackson playing with his Legos.
Alyssa hamming it up for the camera.

Matthew raided my triathlon bag.

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