Friday, August 24, 2012

On and Off

Yesterday was a not-so-fun day.  

First thing in the morning, we had to fight rush hour traffic to the medical center so we could pick up Matthew's compression stockings.  These stockings should help limit the foot swelling and improve the lymphedema.  First, putting compression stockings on Matthew makes brushing his teeth, getting him dressed, and changing his diaper look like a day at the park.  And he isn't a fan of any of those things.  To say he didn't like putting the stockings on that first time was a compete understatement. He was mad.  Second, pulling up a very tight pantyhose like garment on a 2 year old is a test of patience, even if he was completely still. But they finally went on, and though he seemed a little annoyed with them off and on through the day, the swelling did seem a bit lessened last night.  And this morning, Darren was able to get the stockings on him with a minimal amount of thrashing. The stockings are loud and pretty hideous, but at least people aren't wondering if he is wearing stockings, as they will know without a doubt.  Now they will only wonder why.

Last thing in the evening, I took Alyssa to the ER to have a metal ring (similar to a bolt) removed from her index finger. She had wedged it on her finger, couldn't get it off,and her finger swelled. After Darren worked on it with ice and oil, with Alyssa screaming so loudly I thought that the neighbors might call it in, we decided we needed a professional.  Unfortunately, the ring cutter in the ER didn't fit this ring.  First, the ER doc tried the same things we had tried at home, and I was getting more and more annoyed because 1) we had tried that and 2) it was making Alyssa nuts.  Finally he realized that (duh) it wasn't coming off, and went to his 2nd plan so we could avoid the 3rd and final option which was sending her to the OR to be put under anesthesia so they could saw it off.  Thankfully the 2nd plan, which was numbing her finger at the base so that we could pull without her resistance, worked!  We did need 2 big, burly guys to hold her down while the doctor gave her 4 shots in her finger but after that finger was numb, it only took about 3 minutes to twist it over her knuckle.  Her finger is still swollen, has some cuts, and she says it doesn't have the full sensation back, but hopefully it will be back to normal this evening and we will be left with a funny, but fairly expensive, Alyssa story. 

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