Monday, August 13, 2012


Just as we have so many other times, this morning, Matthew and I journeyed down to Texas Children's before the sun came up.  This time it was for his venogram.  It has been 14 months since he visited the OR last.  I had forgotten the pit in the bottom of my stomach that I get when he waves goodbye (and blows me a kiss- a new thing) as they are taking him to the OR that doesn't go away until I hold him again.

Thankfully, all went well.  Matthew's veins have actually improved since they were last 'seen' during his heart catheterization in October 2010.  Almost 2 years ago, he had 2 inferior vena cavas (takes blood from lower extremities to the heart).  Now he just has 1, which is more typical and efficient. 

Ruling out blood flow as a potential reason for Matthew's feet edema (swelling) has led the doctors to believe that the cause is the lymphatic system.  The best treatment for lymphedema is compression stockings, which we have ordered and are ready to be picked up.  Hopefully they will help, and all we need to do is keep an eye out to make sure the swelling doesn't worsen and the skin stays healthy.  We are really hoping that the lymphedema is something caused by his hypotonia, and something that he will outgrow. 

Matthew woke from the anesthesia just as I was allowed back to recovery.  He was unbelievably groggy, but ready to have the pulse oxometer, iv and blood pressure cuff off.  He wasn't mad, just annoyed.  Once we got those moved from his sight, he drank 5 boxes of apple juice and promptly laid his head on my shoulder and went to sleep.  He had a bit of stridor, but I asked them to hold off on the vapo breathing treatment, as we learned last year that those meds can cause cascading interventions.  Thankfully, he started to sound better by the time we headed home.

After leaving the recovery room, Matthew had a bit of a rough time.  He is pretty swollen from the IV fluids (almost 3.5 pounds heavier this evening than this morning), he had spiked a fever for a little while, and was really groggy.  After some Tylenol and a 2 hour nap in my arms, he rallied for dinner and then conked out for the night.  Hopefully he will be his usual self in the morning.

Alyssa was a great help today, getting everything I needed while I held Matthew.  When she looked at him today, she had the same look on her face that she had the first day he was born.  I love how much she loves him.  And Jackson told me today that he and Alyssa would take care of Matthew.  Too sweet. 

I'm so thankful that all is well!  Thank you for the well wishes and prayers!!

Mattie was flushed with fever.

The Tylenol kicked in and he was able to sleep...hard.

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