Sunday, August 12, 2012


It wasn't pretty, but I accomplished what I set out to do this morning at the triathlon-- I didn't drown and I finished!  300 yards swim, 11 miles bike, and 3 miles run.  The swim was much less intimidating in person than I imagined it to be in my head.  And the (just over) hour and 45 minutes passed much quicker than I expected, especially since I ran into a friend and spent the last leg catching up with her.  Overall, it was a great morning. 

A few random thoughts about the triathlon-
1.  My beloved was unbelievably supportive.  He racked my bike on the car (a few times), woke up early, and cheered me at the start, the transition, and the end.  Seeing him there waiting for me gave me a warm fuzzy.  I cannot thank him enough!
2.  I have no idea what the deal was with me and wild animals, but during a practice swim in Michgan, 2 muscrats crossed my path.  Then at home, during a training bike ride, a turkey vulture crossed my path.  And today, during the run, a raccoon crossed my path. I don't know if they were a good omen or not, but I've had my fill of wild animals for a while.
3.  I did this to push myself during the hot and steamy summer in Houston.  I am not a triathlete by any stretch of the imagination.  I doubt there is another triathlon in my future.  There were some hard core women at the event, I wasn't even close to being one of them, and never will be. I exercise in an attempt to stay healthy and set a good example for my kids. 
4.  With that in mind, though I was pretty proud with my finisher's medal on my neck, I was over the moon when Alyssa told me this evening that she was proud of me and she wanted to do a triathlon some day.  Now that made my day.

Slow and steady does not win the race,
but she gets a finisher's medal!
Ready for the swim.

On the bike.

Home stretch with my friend, Patricia.

Pinned to the back of my shirt.

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