Monday, August 6, 2012

No More Croup

The steroid shot must have done the trick, as Matthew's stridor went away.  Saturday night he still woke up a few times, but last night he slept through the night.  He still has a runny nose, but it isn't slowing him down.

I had assumed that the viruses that caused croup were similar to the viruses that cause colds--that once you get them you have immunity to that particular bug.  The doctor told me on Saturday that these viruses don't work that way.  You can get them over and over again, no immunity.  Not good news for Matthew, or for us for that matter.

See, Matthew is a loving kid, who loves to dole out his big, slobbery, open mouth kisses.  He hasn't quite figured out yet that we press our lips together when we give kisses.  I love his sweet kisses, but I'm pretty sure that is how he passed his virus on to me.  And likely Alyssa and Jackson too. 

Hopefully this will pass soon and health will be restored to the Hoy House.   

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